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Avg Rating: 4.7

About Colby Tucker
Height:  5FT9

Eye Color:  Green

Body Type:  Muscular

Role:  Versatile

Cock Size:  6.5

Cock:  Cut

Favorite Foods:  Seafood, Steak,

Favorite Movie:  Scream

Favorite City to Visit:  NYC

Hobbies:  Working out, Traveling, Sucking good dick

What I Like Most:  Guys free balling in gym shorts and sweatpants.

What I Don't Like:  Guys wearing underwear

Best Thing About Me:  Down to earth, Humble, Open minded, Good in Bed

How To Make Me Happy:  Don't wear underwear

Favorite Quote:  Work Hard and Stay Humble

Hair Color:  Brunette

I treat every scene like it's my last. I really enjoy performing and being on set. The friends I made in the industry have become family.

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